"The Intellect has a Heart,
and the Heart has an Intellect."

- Pamela -

Dear remarkable sangha friends,


Let us gather to root each other and invite fear to rest within us and the group consciousness. Fear’s true nature is a healthy natural caution gifted to us by Life to ensure survival. Bowing to the well meaning intelligence in the news and government and the health organizations and even the intelligent essence of viruses. May all beings return to natural balance, heartfelt clear seeing, listening within and living as this courageous and unshakeable Oneness.Take care of each other and yourselves.

Much love, Pamela 


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Pamela is featured in the new book from Science & Nonduality: 
On the Mystery of Being

Guided Meditation: The Heart Meditation
From the Mystics Lair online retreat - April 2018

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Womens Retreat 22nd 25th October
"Within all troubled waters is serenity, clear and kind. Within all circumstances, sensations and emotions is treasure. When uncovered or revealed it opens and transmits in every direction, liberating itself. Our strength as women is in not opposing what is, not vanquishing or surrendering.

We are the deep divers, the pearl divers.

Slipping soundlessly into form, beyond form, into the heart of matter. Inviting beings and phenomena to return to their balance and peace. Ahhh, how lucky we are to remember the old ways, the blessing way, as the Navajo people call it."
~ Pamela ~
Join us in this celebration of the liquidity of form, this lightness of being.
4 Day Women's Retreat
Thursday October 22nd to Sunday October 25th 2020
One Daily Satsang each Day with Pamela (2 hours)
11am to 1pm PST / 7pm* to 9pm BST
*Please note, for Women located in the UK, the clocks go back 1 hour on Sunday October 25th so, Sunday's Satsang will be between 6pm - 8pm. (the time change will only affect those based in the UK)
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For any Women who may like to gather, share a cup of tea, and be nourished by the company of like-minded souls, there will be an optional 'Afternoon Tea' Zoom Session available daily at 8am PST / 4pm BST.