"The Intellect has a Heart,
and the Heart has an Intellect."

- Pamela -
Dear friends,
Pamela is grateful for all the loving donations after the loss of her home due to fire in October 2017.
She is still replacing needed furniture and will welcome your financial support with that. Thank you.


If available, please use the friends and family option to avoid extra charges on paypal.
Any amount is gratefully accepted.

Pamela is featured in the new book from Science & Nonduality: 
On the Mystery of Being

Guided Meditation: The Heart Meditation
From the Mystics Lair online retreat - April 2018

Under 25s come to weekends for free.

Stroud England Women's Retreat
Thursday April 23rd to Monday April 27th, 2020
Our gathering will be limited to 16 women and we will be nourished by silence, inquiry, friendship and delicious organic vegetarian meals cooked by our beautiful chef Sarah, who has worked at organic restaurants in Bristol and has cooked for many yoga and satsang retreats over the last few years.

Arrival Thursday April 23rd for an evening meal at 6pm and departure Monday April 27th after lunch, 2pm.
Location: The satsang meetings as well as lunches and dinners will take place at Francis' and Judith's private home.
Hillside House
124 Thrupp Lane
Stroud, Gloucestershire,
We have two very friendly cats who will welcome you into our home and they both love Satsang!
Days are generally structured as follows:
  • 9:30am - Arrival and cup of tea
  • 10:00am to 12:00pm - Morning satsang sessionLunch
  • 12:30pm - Time for rest and walks
  • 4:00pm to 6:00pm Afternoon satsang session
  • 6:30pm - Dinner
  • 8:00pm to 8:30pm - Silent Sit with optional program afterwards.
Satsang fee £325 (to be paid in cash directly to Pamela at the retreat please).
Organic vegetarian meals (lunch and dinner) and contribution towards venue: £130

In order to secure a place, I would kindly ask for a £130 non-refundable deposit.
There are plentiful accommodation options surrounding our home (AirBnB, B&B and a few hotels). If you would like any assistance with locating and booking your accommodation, please contact Jenny who has kindly offered to help with queries. If you are interested in sharing accommodation (such as sharing a cottage through AirBnB) with other Satsang attendees, please let Jenny know and she will connect you with other women wanting to share accommodation. Jenny’s email is: bosmamma@gmail.com
Please note that our home is about 5min drive or 30min walk from Stroud town centre. In the past, women have car pooled with each other. If you are arriving by public transport, Jenny can also get you in touch with other women to arrange lifts.