Dear friends,
Pamela is grateful for all the loving donations after the loss of her home due to fire in October 2017.
She is still replacing needed furniture and will welcome your financial support with that. Thank you.


If available, please use the friends and family option to avoid extra charges on paypal.
Any amount is gratefully accepted.

News For The Soul - October 24th Online Radio Interview
Living the Awakened Life 

Guided Meditation: The Heart Meditation
From the Mystics Lair online retreat - April 2018

Under 25s come to weekends for free.

Sunday August 4th to Saturday August 10th
Root and energize in the Silence and Strength of the Heart, with Pamela, at this magnificent site in the Alpes de Haute Provence. Organic vegetarian food. Biodynamic farm. Walks in nature. Morning yoga and 2 daily Satsangs led by Pamela in English with French Translation. And a silent sit before bed.
Satsang Donation may be sliding scale if needed.
Best to fly into Marseille and then train.
Les Damias, 05 300 Eourres, France. Map
For accomodation, please register with Rob at:
+33  (0)4 92 65 20 50 or email: Rob Yaffee
Click here for Les Damias' website
For general information and to sign up contact Anna at:
+33 (0)6 73 32 51 99 or email Anna Erhel
or Françoise : +33 (0)6 74 97 90 94
PAMELA France 2019
Click the following link to download the flyer in PDF format:

There is a notion that we left paradise a long time ago. But this secret garden was the Heart, always here, just waiting for our return - Pamela -