Dear friends,

Pamela and Thea are safe but they have lost their rental home and contents to the fire in Napa.

She will gratefully receive contributions via Paypal to help replace home furnishings and belongings.

If available, please use the friends and family option to avoid extra charges on paypal.

Any amount is gratefully accepted.

We will keep you posted on "A Golden Retriever's Guide to Joy" book release!
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Under 25s come to weekends for free.

The Mystic's Lair
April 15 - Free Introductory Pre-Retreat Telesatsang
April 21, 25, 28, & May 2 - Online Retreat
Open Circle Center cordially invites you to join Pamela and Friends for an online retreat:
The Mystic's Lair, an inner tour of the mystery of embodied space.
Though the space within us may often feel like a wind swept lake, every movement within has an equal intelligence as the surrounding stillness. As a tribe, we have cultivated our Sage and Warrior but neglected the Mystic. It is the Mystic that stands at the center of everything, offering balance and the blessing of rest to anything identified.
In truth, the inner mystic has been defended and hidden by the Sage and the Warrior, not because of its tenderness, but because it is the most powerful. Delaying its unveiling, until the mountain strength was rooted and the wisdom clear and un-contained. In all stories, the final act is called the denouement, after the french word to untie.
To untie that which is bound is child's play to the Mystic who sees how the universe is woven, who loves all the colors and the knots, and even honors the tension that keeps the habitual in place. Misunderstandings return to understanding. Defending resolves into rootedness and pure being shines freely.
Over a series of 4 sessions join Pamela and like-minded community in this deep exploration of our inner Mystic.
This online retreat format is an exciting container that allows for deeper work with the consistency and support of a teacher and community — without the normal cost and logistics that an on location retreat entails.

It also provides the unique opportunity to be opening and exploring deeply while still living your daily life.

This Three Week Online Retreat will consist of:

  • Four 2 hour Satsang Meetings
  • Small group supportive meetings with fellow participants
  • Recordings of all four Satsang gatherings sent within 48hrs of each session
Free Introductory Pre-Retreat Telesatsang - April 15
Online Retreat - April 21, 25, 28, & May 2
Separate registrations are required for the free Satsang and the retreat.
10 am to 12 noon (Pacific Time – San Francisco, CA, USA)
Small Group Offerings: TBD
$100 – $150
Scholarships Available

Pamela Wilson has been sharing satsang for twenty years around the world, honoring the Sage within everyone and the absolute oneness of All That Is. Pamela evokes through dialogue, inquiry and her very presence the qualities of unconditional love and radical acceptance. She is celebrated for her ability to open the heart and create a space in which long-cherished struggles and notions about one’s identity relax. Featured in the book Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom, Pamela is at her best in heart-felt dialogue, so please join us and bring your questions!