Update On Pamela's Home

Dear friends,

Pamela and her golden retriever Thea are safe after the fire in Sonoma. She has however lost her home and contents.

She does have a place to stay with a friend for the time being.

She sends her heartfelt thanks to all for the outpouring of love and letters.

She will gratefully receive contributions via Paypal to help replace home furnishings and kitchen items etc.

Please use the friends and family option to avoid extra charges on paypal.

Any amount is gratefully accepted.

We will keep you posted on "A Golden Retriever's Guide to Joy" book release!
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Under 25s come to weekends for free.

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Pamela Wilson: Super Mind Animates Ordinary Mind

Fri Oct 20, 2017
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA

Natural Mind is immeasurable and already free, ie. uncontained and unconditioned. This ordinary mind that we listen to everyday, that we follow or not, based on if it is practical and creative is the One Mind, one intelligence that animates and holds everything. So how did this one intelligence contract and make itself small and restless? Consider that it requires an immense strength to condense or contract formless vast intelligence into a small worried object. It's quite impressive! Under pressure, mind can experience limitation, an altered less clear point of view, and experience of separation and isolation, ie. time and space! Ahh, how satisfying for a unified field to temporarily (from its timeless view) experience its opposite.
This is why sages show ordinary mind its immensity, inviting it to look behind perceived limitation and not knowing into the heart of intelligence, the heart of the one mind. There, there is rest and wisdom's own relaxed potentiality. No need to hold any data, it’s all in the I Clarity (not the ICloud).