A Golden Retriever’s Guide to Joy: Helpful Hints for Humans
Be among the first to experience a pre-edition of Pamela Wilson’s forthcoming book – A Golden Retriever’s Guide to Joy: Helpful Hints for Humans, a text celebrating the clear seeing, balance and kindness of the natural world. The Dog View is uncluttered and wise, and gets to the Heart of the matter! Practical tools for liberating the mind back to its pure practical, creative intelligence, the emotions back to their divine naturalness and returning the body to its essential rootedness, felt sense of oneness and constancy will be offered and explored. With humor and deep respect within, everything self-liberates, leaving the love shining, fully informed and living its unshakeable strength.
Over a series of 7 sessions join Pamela and like-minded community in this deep dive exploration of her text. We will inquire into themes such as Who are you really?, Emotions are Divine Qualities, Relationships, Money, Anger, Inner Alchemy and more!
This online retreat format is an exciting container that allows for deeper work with the consistency and support of a teacher and community - without the normal cost and logistics that an on location retreat entails. It also provides the unique opportunity to be opening and exploring deeply while still living your daily life. In this vein there will be a two week “break” in order for self exploration and integration between the deep inner work and daily living. During these two weeks there will be the opportunity to meet in supportive small peer groups as well as to engage with experimental homework given by Pamela.
This Five Week Online Retreat will consist of:
- Seven 2 hour Satsang Meetings
- Two additional small group supportive meetings with fellow participants
- A personal copy of Golden Retriever’s Guide to Joy: Helpful Hints for Humans
- Supportive homework explorations
- Recorded live guided meditations to work with during week and beyond
- Recordings of all seven Satsang gatherings
Meeting Dates USA & Europe:
February 22, 24
March 12, 16, 19, 22, 25
Meeting Time:
10:00am – 12:00pm Pacific Time (San Francisco, CA USA)
Sliding Scale $170 – $225
Some partial scholarships available.
Price includes a pre-edition copy of Pamela’s forthcoming book in PDF format: A Golden Retriever’s Guide to Joy: Helpful Hints for Humans
Registration Closes February 22nd at 9am Pacific Time
Please NOTE: The five week Online Retreat, starting Feb. 22nd, will be in lieu of Pamela’s regularly scheduled telesatsangs in March